The Circus Starring: Britney Spears The Blu-Ray Experience - Circus and Piece Of Me 1080p

Circus: 3:10 Piece Of Me: 6:58 Hi guys, lately I've been working really hard to make this show finally get ready. I made this new audio [and video too] with a modifications [a new instrumentation, new drums, backing vocals] where I show my version of the tour that I most admire. I know that a lot of people don't like this tour [I don't need to explain] and I probably could never really show how this show is just extraordinary. Well, I'm not so good editing videos, I mean, I'm just begun but I really hope that the most of people enjoy to this show. The most credit, of course, couldn't give to me... So thanks to all people that filmed all this incredible videos! Thanks to all my friends that always supported me and never allowed me to give up. So... This is all. Bye Bye. PS: If someone has forgotten, all the videos are by youtube and unfortunately, I don't make miracle with the quality of videos... So, watch this at least 50 cm away of your PCTV and have fun!

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05 marca 2013
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